Standing up for love on Ash Wednesday

Standing up for love on Ash Wednesday

Friends and members of St. James,

You may have already heard the sad news that our little town of Lovettsville has now become a target of the recent Ku Klux Klan recruitment activity. New Town Meadows and other residential neighborhoods were littered with hate propaganda sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Some of our neighbors are organizing a visible response so that our whole community, including especially those members who are being targeted, understands that we will stand up to hate and intimidation and will protect those among us most in need of protection.

We will be observing Ash Wednesday at 8:00 pm in the sanctuary. The spirit in which Isaiah calls us to fast – not by being depressed about our human condition, but rather by raising our voices like trumpets for justice – could not be more timely.

The message to St. James with details is below.

“Dear St. James Council,

I’d like to extend an invitation from Lovettsville resident, Kaarin Nelson, to gather as a community on Wednesday at 7:00 in our town square. As you may have learned, the KKK distributed recruitment propaganda in our community over the weekend. We must not respond in silence to this hateful and dangerous movement. I understand that you have Ash services at 8:00, however, it could be quite lovely to begin your evening at the Squirkle and walk to the church before 8:00.

Kaarin’s invitation:

Dear Lovettsville Community Members,

I was naïve to think our small town would be spared the ugliness of the distribution of KKK fliers. I am angry that someone was brazen enough to litter our town with this trash. I think it is important that we gather as a community to show that LOVETTSVILLE will not stand for our friends and neighbors to feel compromised by hate.

Please join me for a walk on Valentines Day evening
Wednesday, 2/14 7-8 pm on the Squirkle. Rain or Shine.
Bring your Valentine, bring a friend, bring your family.
Bring a candle, lantern, or flashlight.
Please leave your politics at home – we can all agree to “Love thy neighbor”

I know some will say that this gathering does nothing to dissuade this type of racist activity – but I am not concerned with those who distributed the flyers. I want the people in our community who feel threatened or scared to see they have an entire town that is here to LOVE and protect them. I hope you can make the time to join me. Please invite your Lovettsville friends and neighbors. Invite the members of your local faith congregations, organizations, and businesses.


Following last month’s distribution of Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers at homes in Purcellville and Leesburg, a new movement based on loving neighbors has launched. ‘Love Your Neighbor – Orange Ribbon Campaign’ with the goal of displaying orange ribbons as ‘a sign of love and unity in response to expressions of hate and bigotry.’ Orange Ribbons will be available at the Squirkle.”

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