Resisting “Satanic Forces” Today

Resisting “Satanic Forces” Today

The time is fulfilled, and The Reign of God has come near; repent, start thinking and acting in new and different ways, and believe in the good news.

What does it mean to build a movement dedicated to resisting and challenging the Satanic forces of our own times?

Whatever its origins, the forty day Season of Lent is rooted in the opening narrative in the Gospel of Mark that deals with a movement preacher called ‘John the Baptizer,’ who was calling for a baptism of repentance and a return to oneness with God. Jesus was among those who responded, and as the story unfolds he experienced the Spirit coming down on him and heard a voice saying: “This is my own Son who has my full approval.” But then the narrative takes this radical turn:

..immediately the Spirit drove him out into the wilderness, and he was there for forty days… and was tested by Satanic forces..

Join us for our 11:00 am worship service as we reflect on our Lenten theme of a Restoration and RETURN to ONENESS With God & Every Living Thing.

Postponed from last week due to some extreme weather, we will be joined by two social activist friends of St. James, KD Kidder and Lee Stewart. KD will share with us a slide show and stories from her participation in the Great Peace March for Nuclear Disarmament from Los Angeles to Washington DC in 1986, representing Loudoun Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament, and Lee will share with us his experience participating in the Great March for Climate Action just last year.


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