Realizing and Acting on NEW & DIFFERENT TRUTHS

Realizing and Acting on NEW & DIFFERENT TRUTHS

“The Truth I have now come to realize is that
God has no favorites, but that anybody of any nationality
who has respect for God and is committed to justice is
acceptable to God.” [Acts 10:34,35]

These words of Peter who was going through a conversion like that of Saul to Paul… like that of the conversion of thousands on the day of Pentecost according to Acts 2:41… indeed like the conversion of Jesus… yes Jesus… when he responded to John’s preaching about repentance… an act that meant a new way of thinking and acting that then led him to proclaim the New Age of Jubilee in his mission statement recorded in Luke 4:18,19, a statement that in the overall context of Luke 4:18-30 made it quite clear that this was not meant to be a Jews only invitation… made clear in the above words of Peter that indeed God has no favorites! And at St. James we have built on that narrow concept of nationality to recognize in our own quasi-mission statement that it extends to gender… sexual orientation… race… or religion… and it’s that latter concept that may be the most radical declaration of all about the radical egalitarian inclusiveness of Jesus in all the contexts of life.

As the first of a trilogy of reflections that will relate to some of the ultimate concerns of being open and affirming in all the contexts of life we will take a look at that story of Peter in Acts 9:32-10:45 as a basis for reflecting on how central it is to a mission that aims to model itself around the mission of Jesus and the ‘mission name’ given to him as Christ! So our reflections tomorrow will revolve around . . .

Realizing and Acting on NEW & DIFFERENT TRUTHS

And remember… our summer worship time is 10:00 a.m…. offering lots of time for refreshments and conversation following worship. Certainly hope you can be part of these deeply meaningful concerns for what it means to be a Church of Christ… indeed, a United Church of Christ…

p.s. Remember… there’s a regular Jammin at James event tomorrow evening beginning with a free meal at 5:30 and an open mic at 6:30 where musicians from near and far can share their music… so bring your own instrument, even if it’s just your vocal chords… but be sure to spread the word and reach out to friends and neighbors as we lift up another aspect of our mission statement about a continuing search for ways to celebrate the goodness of life together….

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