Guide to Creating a Sunday Bulletin

The following process is intended to guide lay and visiting worship leaders in helping us produce a bulletin for the Sundays they will be leading a worship service.

Our goal is a simple, adaptable process that works for a wide variety of worship styles, but also ensures predictability for others with a role in the service.

During the week preceding the Sunday you will be leading worship, we ask that you follow these steps:

  1. Browse this site for examples of past bulletins to get a sense of our typical order of worship.
  2. Choose an image for the cover (see tips for finding images below) or ask Janell or David (contact information below) to suggest one.
  3. Choose hymns (there are usually three, “opening,” “reflective,” and “closing,” but it’s up to you). Black and red hymnals are available in the sanctuary, or you can ask our musician Janell for help with recommendations.
  4. Create a text document (Word or Pages is preferred) with your desired content; this may or may not include scripture readings, prayers and benedictions or other written material of your choice. This is your service, so modify it to reflect your own ideas and don’t feel obligated to do things exactly the way anyone else does. Feel free to include a time for questions and discussion, or anything else that will enhance the experience. If you want to follow an existing order of service exactly, that’s fine too. Just please include these components at some point: Offerings and Joys and Concerns. Our typical bulletin is designed to be three half-pages, plus the cover image.
  5. The earlier in the week you complete this process the better, but in order to produce the bulletin and distribute it to our mailing list we request that the content be delivered by Friday evening.


Janell: or 540.748.1479

Cover image tips

If you don’t have an image in mind, try searching Google images ( using the scripture reading or key words from your theme. In the past we have often used images by artists He Qi or James Janknegt because they have granted permission for churches to use their work.

Other tips:

The black hymnal (The New Century Hymnal, The Pilgrim Press, 1995) also contains several standard orders of service for reference.

Alternative versions of the Lord’s Prayer