December 10, 2017

December 10, 2017

Second Sunday in Advent

For Meditation and Reflection:

A warm welcome is extended to all, especially those who are worshipping at St. James this Advent season for the first time or who have returned after an absence. Your presence both enriches us and this time of celebration together.

Welcome and Announcements

Call to Worship ….Advent Candle of Peace

Pastor: As this season of Advent unfolds around us, the silent prayers of peace lie like stars hidden in a clouded night.
People: May we inspire the world with peace.
Pastor: May we touch it to our lives that in every place of stress, frustration, or fear, we might feel the presence of peace easing our hearts and transforming our lives.
People: And may we share its healing power with our children, that they might become the inspiration through which peace makes its way to a new yet-dreamt-of world.
All: May Peace light the world this Christmas. Light candle

Opening Hymn: The Weaver’s Shuttle Swiftly Flies (1-3, and 5) – #464

Opening Prayer: This moment of quiet is an invitation to be calm in the midst of the noise of the world and our over-busy lives, to bring together thought and feeling, mind and spirit, and to find some center, some still point, of perspective and peace.
We draw near to each other in the presence of a Holy Weaver. That we may see afresh. That we may hear anew. That we may act again with vigor. May there be many new patterns woven among us: patterns of peace between strangers, patterns of love between friends, patterns of hope among the hopeless, patterns of joy among the sorrowful. And may we be brokers of a spirit of new hope with all people, to the ways we cope with life, to the ways we embrace the present, and the ways we think about the future. We lament that we continue to hear stories of war and violence around the world. It’s overwhelming to even try and take it all in. We long for peace. We seek to work for peace. We invite all to participate in creating peace. As we meet and as we prepare to depart, may we again commit as individuals and as a community to the values and ideals that would contribute to the transformation of this world. May each of us undertake again the appraisal and joy of living out what is dear to us, and what truly advances and invites compassion, grace, forgiveness, kindness, justice, love, and even peace. Amen.

Invitation and Reception of New Members (see separate sheet)

Scripture Readings: Mark 10:17-22

Sermon by Rev. Samantha Tuttle – “What Do You Get a Minimalist For Christmas?”

Responsive Sharing

Reflective Hymn: O How Shall I Receive You – #102

The Offerings and Offertory Music

Sharing of Joys and Concerns

Lord’s Prayer (Traditional, with “debts”)

Closing Hymn: It Came Upon the Midnight Clear – #131

Blessing and Sending
Let us take on this week’s life with renewed hope and imagination.
May the rhythms of our coming together:
the melodies of our celebration,
and the harmonies of our farewells,
uplift our souls this day,
and into the inviting future.
Go in peace, and may the peace of God go with you.

Sharing the Peace as we go…….And we hope you can join us for post-worship coffee and conversation in Fellowship Hall.

Thoughts for the Day/Week

“I believe that appreciation is a holy thing… that when we look for what’s best in a person we happen to be with at the moment, we are doing what God does all the time.
So, in loving and appreciating our neighbor, we’re participating in something sacred.”
– Fred Rogers


Thanks to all who contributed new toys and clothing items to our second annual Christmas Giving Tree, and to those who stayed last week to put the tree together and secure it. Thanks also to our guru of purchasing, Patti Nelson, who purchased items with church funds. There will be a tub in the breezeway for further donations.
Our Worship leader this Sunday is the Rev. Samantha Tuttle. If any attendees wish to be welcomed into membership, please let her or Janell know.
The monthly Church Council meeting will be held beginning at 9:30a.m. in Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, December 17th – Our Worship leader will be the Rev. Michael Lyle.
Sunday school will be held before worship at 10:00 a.m. The children (ages 4 – 12) will be meeting in Fellowship Hall, and the adults will meet in the sanctuary.
Jammin’ at James will not be meeting this month.

Sunday, December 24th – Worship will not be held at 11:00 a.m. In lieu of our typical morning worship, we will be having our traditional Christmas Eve candlelight service at 5:00 p.m., which will be led by the Rev. Michael Lyle. We are trying the earlier time for the convenience of Rev. Lyle and the other families with children who have joined us recently. We hope you can worship with us at this service.
Save your Friday night, December 29, for a special performance at St. James by Mike O’Brien and his daughter. More details to follow.

Sunday, December 31st – If you missed our pajama party on the first Sunday of 2017, (or if you came for the fun) we would like your input on what kind of service you would most prefer for the final Sunday of the year. It is a fifth Sunday, which we have used for visiting other congregations, so that is one option. Having a regular service is another choice, if we can find a willing worship leader on short notice. Another option is to have an open congregational discussion about this past year of “self-guided” religion. The Worship Committee (Lauranne, David, Tena, Alice and Janell) are really eager to hear what folks have liked, disliked, put up with, etc., and especially any ideas you have for where we want St James to go in the coming year. You can do that by contacting any committee member, any time, but sometimes we generate more energy and creativity by having these discussions as a group. Let us know what you think.